Roof Installation

No one want’s to have to be facing roof repair or replacement, but unfortunately it is just one of those things we have to take care of as a homeowner. All of the hiccups can be avoided though if you do yearly checks on your roof, meaning handling a problem before it becomes an even bigger problem that could empty your pockets. Cost of roofing supplies have went up due to the inflation we are now seeing in the year 2021. Roof installation has remained the same method through the years though so that is a good thing. In this article we will discuss roof installation to give you more insight if that is what you are looking into having to do.

Types Of Shingles

Due to metal roofing being more costly, many people go with shingles due to them being much cheaper. Asphalt shingles offer over 50 different colors, and around 12 different styles. Life expectancy of shingles is anywhere from 15-50 years depending on the outdoor elements where you are located. Here in the recent years many have made the choice to go with metal roofing, due to the durability and longevity of the product which can last up to 100 years! Only downfall is the price of metal. However, if you are wanting the roof to outlast you and want to drop the money on a metal roof that is the best option. Cedar shingles or a cedar shake roof remains the choice for many homeowners. Mainly because of its visual aesthetic appearance and life expectancy, which can be 50 to 100-years when properly maintained. Other very desirable roof types include ceramic roof tile, concrete roof tile, and slate roof tile. Roofs made from these materials have an extremely long life span when properly maintained; up to hundreds of years. As you can see there are many options available to you, it all just depends on what it is that you are willing to pay out and what type of look and quality you seek.


No matter what type of roofing you pick to use, it will be prices by the square footage, also you have to factor in what it will cost to have the old roof removed and hauled off, which is normally priced around an added $50-150 per square foot. Asphalt shingles are the most affordable type of roofing; $200 to $300 per square installed. Cedar shingles or cedar shakes are about $350 to $400 per square installed. Metal roofing again will cost a bit more. Prices for material alone without installation ranges from $200 per square for standard metal. The real nice and expensive roofing is quite a bit more it is usually priced at $1,000 per square footage. While you are making your decision on what to do with your roof factor in the cost of it all, any professional roofer should offer you a free quote, get as many as you can until you find the one that best suits all of your needs.

Find A Reliable Contractor

Let’s think smarter not harder. Although you may be fully capable of handling your roofing needs, it is advised by many to let the professionals deal with it. This way you know that you are receiving professional level roofing, with an added guarantee on the work. The safety is also a big reason to hire a professional contracting roofing company, they have available references, and have the experience to boot, not to mention they know the safety measures that need to be taken while working on a roof, which is important to make sure that your contractor is insured, this will give you peace of mind during the entire process. Take the time to research and gather quotes, even ask them to provide you with reviews of their work. Peace of mind is an investment, just knowing a professional has the most important part of your hand under control you can rest easy knowing you have hired a professional Seattle roofing contractor.